2019 Desk Clean Out

Today is our first real day back in the office for the new year! We are excited to have a fresh start and having amazing things planned for 2019. Who wants to start the new year with the same cluttered desk? Not us! We have curated our top tips for a simple way to declutter your work space for 2019.

Step 1: Pick up your trash can and go to town on old papers, trash, and things that are just simply in your way that you do not need anymore.

Step 2: Purge your pens. How many of them do you actually use? There is no need to have an overflowing pen cup or for them to be scattered all over your desk. Just keep your favorites.

Step 3: Purge your decor. Do you really need 7 cards on your desk? Or four staplers? Or 3 stress balls? Having decor is nice but you want to make sure it has not gone too far!

Step 4: Grab a damp paper towel and wipe down all of the dust and use some disinfectant if you have any. This simple step can be crucial for staying healthy and productive.

Step 5: Tackle your inbox. Unsubscribing from email lists that are clogging up your inbox can make the number of emails that you are receiving seem more manageable. You will no longer be terrified of the number you see when you open your inbox.

These 5 simple steps can get you ready and refreshed for the new year! What is your favorite organization method?