10 Cool Things To Do With Your New Amazon Alexa

Did you get an Amazon Alexa for Christmas?! We have several around the office and love them! Someone even won one in our white elephant gift exchange this year and last year. New electronics can be overwhelming because they can do so many useful things. We decided to put together a list of our favorite things to do with the Amazon Alexa.

•We have an “office group” on the Alexa app. So, all we have to say is “Alexa play music on the main office group” and the music fills the whole office!

•If you want Alexa to wake you up or remind you to do something all you have to do is tell her!

•Wondering what the weather forecast for the day is? Just ask Alexa and she’ll give you a detailed report for your location.

•We love that Alexa has the capability of turning lights on and off as well as adjusting the temperature! You can do so much by just talking to her.

•If you have a Spotify premium account you can connect it to your Alexa. If you love Spotify this is a huge plus.

•Alexa has the capability of setting routines. You could make her turn certain lights on and adjust the temperature just by saying “Alexa I’m home.”

•If you put your Alexa in “Run Away” mode she will play a continuous conversation to trick burglars and scare them away.

•You can ask Alexa rules of board games for a quick answer that will calm family disputes.

•You can set up an easy order with Dominoes and tell Alexa to order it. This makes pizza night a breeze!

•Alexa can tell stories! This is an easy way to entertain your kids or guests.

There are so many things that you can do that we could not fit it into one blog post. What are your favorite features?