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17 Oct
The Importance of Marketing Research

Marketing research is essentially a quest for truth. It is an essential thing to incorporate into marketing practices for your company. •Marketing research is a communication driver. -It helps you understand your target market more…

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10 Oct
Book Review: To Sell is Human

We love reading books to keep our minds sharp and get new insights on the business world. The book To Sell is Human by Daniel H. Pink was one that we were very excited about. We had…

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3 Oct
Halloween Marketing Tips

Its officially October! We know Halloween isn’t until the end of the month but now is the time that your company should come up with a Halloween marketing plan. Here are a few tips to…

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19 Sep
Lunchtime Meditation

Let’s face it. We all have those days that just never seem to end. You feel stressed and tired and are just trying to make it to the weekend. We’ve been there too. That is…

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