SEO & Social Media in 2019

New year. New goals. New trends. We want to help you exceed your goals in 2019 so we have already started researching what is going to be important this year. SEO and social media are definitely top contenders for what is important.

Let’s start with SEO, also known as search engine optimization. There are a few things that are going to be crucial this year.

First, mobile-first indexing. This means that search engines are using the mobile version of your site for ranking.

Page speed is going to be even more crucial than ever. We can make sure your page is optimized.

Using your brand as a ranking signal. Google is getting better and better and recognition and knowing your authority in a particular field.

Now for social media! This is a topic that is constantly changing. Who knows where we will be by the end of 2019. Will there be a whole new social media platform that everyone is obsessed with? Will algorithms change? It can be hard to know what is going to change so staying one step ahead is our job to help you.

We predict that messaging apps will continue to grow and thrive. Some of this includes artificial intelligence.

Focusing on a few social media outlets and making them the best that they can be will be super important.

Paid ads are going to continue to increase. It is hard to not jump on board with paid ads because algorithms are making it increasingly harder to be seen.

Podcasts and video content are going to continue to grow.

Overall, social media is going to be looked at more by companies for their return on investment and building trust with their clients.

So, are you overwhelmed? Give us a call and we can help you out!