How We Reduce Waste in The Office

reduce reuse recycle

Waste is a huge issue these days. We have seen this topic come up a lot recently. So many things are disposable but take hundreds of thousands of years to decompose. People don’t realize just how much they’re wasting on a daily basis.  

Reducing Paper Use 

We do as many things as we possibly can on our computers. This saves a significant number of papers & trees! We take notes on our computers, sign contracts electronically, and present things on screens instead of paper. Our CEO even uses his iPad and Apple Pencil for notes! 

Reusable Straws 

Glass & metal straws have been popping up around our office recently. We love bringing them with us when we take a trip to our favorite coffee shop.  


Since we work downtown we can walk to complete a lot of our errands instead of having to drive and waste gas. We love doing this! We take trips to the bank and the coffee shop. 

Saving Energy  

We make sure the lights are off and things are unplugged before we leave the office at night. We also keep lights off in rooms that are not in use.  

Buying for Quality 

When buying equipment, we go for things that we know will last a long time and not need to be replaced. This helps cut down on e-waste. 

How do you try to reduce waste in your office? We’d love to hear about your tips & tricks!