Fun Things to do for Father’s Day!

“Dad you’ve always been the coolest, like all those times you said YES when mom said NO!”

Father’s Day is approaching fast and we’ve got a fun list of things for you to do with dear ol’ dad. Dad’s have always been the easiest to celebrate and certainly the easiest to please, right?! So we’ve gathered a list of a few fun things for you to do with your dad this Father’s Day!

-Go to the movies! This is probably the easiest thing you can take dad to do! He gets to relax and so do you!
-Take him to his favorite restaurant. Sure, this may be simple, but what dad doesn’t like quality time with their kid AND a delicious meal?!
-Build something. Yes, we know, this may seem like a bit much. However, you can probably list off a few projects your dad has wanted to finish for years but never got around to it. Why not help him get there faster?

We hope you try one of these out for Father’s Day! And of course, Happy Father’s Day to all the awesome dad’s out there. We hope you enjoy your day!