Instagram Story Hacks

Instagram is constantly evolving and one of our favorite features is the Instagram stories. It is almost like a whole separate social media within the app. There are so many features for stories that it can be overwhelming if you’re new to them. Here are a few simple things you can implement into your story content tomorrow! 


1) You can post your regular posts to your story! This is awesome because your followers can click the story to go directly to the original post. To do this click the arrow next to the comment button under your post and then click add to story. 


2)This one is a little on the creative side. If you’re looking for a customizable background for your words this is for you! By typing a bunch of underscores (____) in a row and then using your fingers to change the size you get a background for your words. It allows you to change it to any color you choose.  


3)You can use up to 10 hashtags in a story but that could leave things looking a little too crowded. To solve this you can change the size of your hashtags to be really small or cover them up with gifs! 


4) To make your words look like they have a drop shadow you can layer the words by creating two that are the same size and font but make them contrasting colors and then layer the two. 


5) Did you know that by clicking the writing utensil in the top right corner and then holding down any of the color circles at the bottom gets you to the picture above?! There are so many more color options this way. It is not blatant that this is available. I was shocked when I first learned about it.  

The possibilities are endless. I challenge you to be more creative with your Instagram stories in the future.