Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing

We understand that not everyone is a marketing expert. That is why we do what we do! Has anyone ever explained the differences between inbound and outbound marketing to you? We love when we can teach our clients and keep them well informed.  

Outbound Marketing: 

Outbound marketing is basically another name for traditional advertising methods. It includes television and radio advertising, print advertising, telemarketing, direct mail, and outdoor advertising. Typically, traditional advertising is interruptive. For example, TV commercials interrupt shows.  

Inbound Marketing: 

Inbound marketing refers to marketing strategies that focus on pulling audiences in instead of interrupting them. Inbound marketing is a process. Starting with attracting strangers, then turning them into visitors. Once they are visitors you will want to convert them into leads. After that the next step is to close the lead and turn the once strangers into customers. Finally, you want to make sure the customers are delighted so that they will promote your brand.   

The Differences: 

Inbound marketing uses a pull tactic while outbound uses a push strategy. Inbound marketing relies on creating valuable content that attracts visitors. People do this to pull people in instead of pushing information on them.