How To: Save Money on Your Daily Iced Coffee

Raise your hand if you can not get through the day without your favorite coffee or tea. We feel you! It can become an expensive habit though. We have done some experimenting on how to recreate and save some money!

•Iced Coffee

We are big iced coffee fans but it can be hard to make on your own and never tastes as good. Our first trick is to brew an extra strong pot of coffee, pour it into a pitcher and put it into the refrigerator. This is an inexpensive and easy way to have coffee ready to pour over ice that is not going to melt it all and be watered down. Another option we found is a little more expensive but great for when you are in a pinch! These Java House coffee pods make the perfect iced coffee and require no prep! ( Just add one pod to some water and ice and it’s ready to go. They are small so you can throw them in your bag and have them on hand at work whenever you need a pick me up. Of course you can add your favorite creamers or sweeteners to either of these but we suggest using simple syrup instead of sugar because it dissolves better in cold drinks!

•Iced Tea

Sometimes we like to switch it up from coffee to tea. There are so many types to try and tea bags are relatively inexpensive. It took some trial an error but we finally figured out how to make the perfect single serve iced tea from a tea bag. Simply heat the tea as your normally would (stove, microwave, etc) but use half the water that you normally would use. After it is done steeping pour it over a glass full of iced and enjoy!

These tips and tricks can help you enjoy a drink that tastes like it is from your local coffee shop for a fraction of the price!