HTTP vs. HTTPS: Why You Should Care

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We’ve all seen the letters HTTP and HTTPS at the beginning of a link. But have you paid attention to what they mean?  

HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. Basically, this means it allows communication between different systems.  

HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. This means that while it also allows communication between different systems it makes sure the information is encrypted.  

Basically, when your website isn’t HTTP Secure hackers can see the information that is being transferred. When your website is HTTPS the information is encrypted making it, so hackers cannot decipher the content.  

For example, on an HTTP website if you type in the password “abc123” a hacker would be able to read it. But, if it is an HTTPS website and you type the same password it would show up something like “hdahxBysr.” 

So, thats the difference between the two but…

Why should you care? 

Google is going to start notifying people when they are on a website that is not secure. This may scare users away from your site and onto a competitors site that is secure.  

Switching to HTTPS can potentially boost your SEO. Google is going to start giving a small bump to websites that are HTTPS. Also, consumers are going to feel more comfortable visiting a site that is secure, so this could potentially increase your websites traffic.  

How can I make my website secure? 

You just need an SSL certificate! This certificate is what encrypts the data so if it is stolen it cannot be read. This is a simple fix that we offer at Cyberbility. Contact us today to get started with your SSL certificate!