A Product We Can’t Live Without…

Do you ever have those things that you don’t necessarily notice when they are there, but you definitely notice when they’re not? for us it is our apple watches for sure! Several of our employees in the office swear by them and how they enhance our productivity. So, what exactly do we use them for?

•We use our apple watches to count our steps and keep track of our friendly office competitions.

•They come in handy during meetings by letting us know if something urgent comes up without having to have our phones right next to us.

•It reminds us to stand up and move around once every hour.

•You can take calls right from your watch allowing you to be productive and hands free

•It can automatically unlock your laptop for you.

•It is amazing for notifications!

Needless to say we are hooked on our apple watches and won’t be swapping them out for a different brand any time soon. Do you have an apple watch? What are your favorite features?