5 Marketing Tools to be Thankful For

We have so many things to be thankful for on this 2018 Thanksgiving Day. We are lucky enough to be spending it with our family and friends eating lots of yummy food. In the world of marketing there have been some new tools that have been complete life savers. We wanted to take a little time to share with you the top 5 marketing tools we are very thankful for! 

1) Canva 

Canva is an awesome place to create content for social media. You can create graphics of any pixel size and it is super user friendly.  

2) Google Analytics  

Google Analytics has been a lifesaver when it comes to tracking the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns, 

3) Monday.com  

Monday.com is another tool that helps with project management and tracking how far along we are. Everyone on our team has access to it so we are all on the same page.  

4) Tailwind 

If you want to schedule Instagram posts Tailwind is the place to go. It has been a huge help to make sure our social media runs smoothly 

5) Adobe Spark 

This is another place to go when you need help with content creation. It is a very user-friendly Adobe app that we love.  

We have so much to be thankful for that helps streamline our work and spend more time with friends and family. Now, get back to your family and friends and enjoy the time you get to spend with them. Happy Thanksgiving!