CYBERBILITY @ CulpeperFest2015

{CYBERBILITY} Exhibit @ CulpeperFest2015

In Spring 2015, it was an honor to join the Cyberbility team with the mission of opening an office in Culpeper. Co-located with the Culpeper Chamber of Commerce, we opened our doors in May to the Culpeper community – ideally located – and with strong commitment to Be a Culpeper Local via Corporate Sponsorship of the Chamber. This offers us the opportunity to be featured prominently at several annual events including Culpeperfest at Eastern View High School earlier this month.

June brought a flurry of activity in preparation for the event — such as designing new banners and exhibit materials featuring our much loved new logo!

Culpeper Chamber President Debbie Stohlman clearly shares the value proposition of this event in her article, “The primary CulpeperFest mission is to create an environment where local businesses and not for profit organizations can connect with the community they serve.   This year the opportunity to interact with the public increased significantly as the online demand for free admission tickets grew by over 20%.  Equally important, the attendees were able to view several more exhibits than last year as participating businesses and agencies rose to 123.”


The very warm June afternoon at our exhibit space in Eastern View’s hallway passed by in a string of meaningful conversations with local business people, elected and campaigning officials, parents with young children in strollers, and senior members of the community starting new businesses and in search of gaining a stronger presence online. Thank you to our vendors, Kash Design, Color Creative and CSL Media for ensuring that we looked great, and to our web development team Ben Whitlock and Johnathan Dodson who worked tirelessly to ensure our recently launched redesign was mobile-friendly in time for the event.

Here are a few additional links to images and video!