SpaceX sticks the landing!


Elon musk’s must be truly overjoyed this morning due to the fact his SpaceX startup has done what most people five year’s ago said would be impossible.

The SpaceX team launched and then landed the Falcon 9 rocket right around ten minutes later. Now they have tried on multiple occasions but sadly they all ended in huge explosions, but not this time. This time, they kicked that impossible door right in the face and made one hell of a mark for the history books.

Now the landing of the rocket was the mission’s second goal the first was to release 11 satellites destined for low-Earth orbit.This stage of the mission was also a complete success.

Falcon 9 is one incredible rocket, with the ability to reach 124 miles due to the 1.5 million pounds of thrust produced by its 9 engines. It was designed to handle serious payloads into high orbits.

It is a two-stage rocket designed to take satellites and the Dragon spacecraft into orbit safely. The capsule stays in orbit while the booster stage lands back to earth which it did perfectly yesterday.