Cyberbility: Things to do in Fredericksburg, VA

We feel so lucky to call Fredericksburg, VA home! It is a quaint little city with so much history and some beautiful sights. Whether you are from the area or just visiting there is always something to discover. There are different things that go on every season and we love traditions like festivals and parades. 

One of our favorite things to do is try new restaurants. If you are a food lover, you won’t be disappointed. Some of our favorites are Billiken’s, Fahrenheit, and Orofino! If you’ve been following us for a while you know we love coffee! Our favorite is 25 30 Espresso, but we also enjoy branching out and trying somewhere new! While we’re on the subject of food, we can’t forget about dessert! Carl’s ice cream is a must try spot if you’re visiting town.  

Something else we love about Fredericksburg is all of the opportunities to get outside. There are hiking trails, walking trails, biking trails, & parks all over the place. The river is also an awesome asset. From kayaking to fishing there is so much to explore.  

There is also so a lot of history to discover in Fredericksburg. From tours of downtown to the battlefields nearby. We fall in love with our city over and over again when we learn more about it!