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We provide Hosting Services at a very reasonable cost. Clients who subscribe to any of our Service Plans receive Hosting Services for FREE.


Hosting Services:

What is Hosting?

Hosting is basically space on a computer which holds all of the files that make up your web site. That computer runs as a Web Server and is connected to the Internet through high speed telecommunication lines. Hosting is included under any one of our service plans.

Email Management too!

Along with Hosting, you will also be provided email addresses that use your business’ Domain Name (e.g. Using email addresses with your company's Domain Name helps create your online brand and builds confidence in your customers that they are dealing with an established business. Cyberbility will create, configure, and manage all of your email addresses for you FREE when you sign up for our Platinum Service Plan. Under our Silver and Gold Service Plans, creation, configuration, additional email addresses, changes and password resets fall under our change process.


Why this is important to YOU:

Without Hosting, there would be no way anyone could get to your web site. There are three basic requirements to support a web site: hosting; the computer files readable through a browser; and the Domain Name that is used to find your web site over the Internet. As mentioned above, using email addresses with your company's Domain Name promotes customer confidence, whereas using a free email service provider can give an unprofessional impression. You want your customers to believe in you and your products or services.




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