Competitive Analytics - Business Intelligence

One of the fastest growing areas in online services is Competitive Analytics - Business Intelligence. More and more businesses are using this to keep on their game from an online perspective and at their brick & mortar business.


Business Intelligence:

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence is a process of reviewing and reporting on what your direct and/or indirect competition is doing online. We understand that you don't have time to surf the internet to find out who is doing what online in your business area. Subscribers to our Platinum Service Plan will receive a quarterly report on up to 4 competitors* of your choice. Cyberbility® will enable this report to include any new products or service features on their site, new functionality, announcements, sales and planned events. We also offer this report to our customers on an as needed basis. Call one of our account associates today and see how we can create one of these reports for your business.

* NOTE: To avoid a conflict of interest, Cyberbility® can not include a competitor in this report that is a customer of our services.


Why this is important to YOU:

Business Intelligence reports are a great way to keep up on what your competition is doing online. Always be a step ahead of the other guys. We help you stay competitive by generating this information as well as presenting it with possible recommendations for changes on your site.




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