Knowing how your web site is performing is just as important as having one. Our Web Operations team monitors and provides critical analytics reports as well as a summary of what it all means.



Do you know how well your web site is doing?

Cyberbility provides monthly Metrics Analysis Reports. Web Metrics is a collection of information pertaining to the measurement of statistical data including; how many visits to your site, where they come from, how many views each page gets, etc. While most providers give you a link to a nice dashboard with pretty graphs of data, we provide you the report AND offer you a semi-annual analytics consutation to help you understand what these reports mean to your online web site. This service is included in the Gold and Platinum Service Plans.

Why this is important to YOU:

Metrics Analysis and reporting is a necessary tool to measure the activity on your site. From a marketing perspective, this tool will help us improve your site and make it easier for your visitors to find the information they are looking for. For instance, let’s say we can tell from the report that one of your web pages deep within your site is getting a much higher number of visitors then other pages. Since this page seems to be popular with your visitors, we would recommend repositioning this page, making it easier for your visitors to find. This, too, is an ongoing process and a very important practice in operating a web site.



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